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Church at Canyon Creek Preschool Ministry
We offer an exciting, safe atmosphere where loving and dedicated staff and trained volunteers help children from birth to kindergarten enjoy age appropriate learning about God's love and His teachings.

Babies and Toddlers

We have separate nurseries for babies and toddlers. Our little ones have lots of toys to keep them busy playing and caregivers to rock them, play with them and care for their needs. Toddlers participate in Bible Time - which involves an interactive Bible story with special songs and hands-on props!

Baskets with your child's name will be provided in each room. Please place extra clothing, diapers, snacks, and bottles or sippy cups in these baskets. Having only the items that your child will need during the morning, will help caregivers get to the items quickly. Parents should supply any food or snacks for babies. A simple snack (fruit, cheerios, goldfish etc.) is provided for toddlers. Each room has a microwave and refrigerator for your convenience. Please label everything!

Twos and Threes

Teachers help children begin to know basic Bible stories and songs during these formative years. Each classroom has learning centers filled with fun materials to explore. Children participate in art activities, group time, singing, snack and outdoor play. Child-size toilets and sinks are available in each classroom. Please bring a complete set of extra clothing-just in case! Please be sure to label all items.

pre-K and Kindergarten

9:30 Bible Study
Our Pre-K and Kindergartner children enjoy learning Bible stories and scripture with materials and hands-on activities that are fun and challenging. Group-time, music, art activities, Bible games and snack are offered in these classes.

11:00 Extended Care
Kids in Pre-K through kindergarten meet for a time of play and enrichment activities.

Canyon Creek Preschool

A Christian weekday preschool program for children ages 4 month to 5 years, which meets on Tuesday through Friday during the months of September through May. For more information visit their website at

Contact Ashley Brewer, Preschool Pastor