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What's Happening in Marriage & Family Ministry?
It's a quirky world we live in... at best! Our families and our marriages are made up of imperfect people in an imperfect world. We could all use a few tools to equip us in our relationships with our spouses and families. Check this page often to find out about opportunities to refresh and nurture those special relationships in our lives.

CARE and Counseling

In need of wisdom and direction on a current challenge?
Seasoned advisers who may be further down the road and have experienced  your similar challenges are glad to meet with you.  Examples could include marital struggles, parenting challenges, caring for the aging, depression, anxiety, and more.  The goal of this one-time meeting is to offer support and determine best next steps.  If you are interested in scheduling  a Sunday morning appointment, contact Chris Watson at

‚ÄčIf you or your family members find that you might benefit from professional individual, marriage, or family counseling, we want to make available a list of counselors recommended by The Church at Canyon Creek. To download this list and description, please click here.

Marriage MatterS

Next Class:  September 17 - October 22

  • A free, 6-week class meeting on consecutive Sundays
  • Meets each Sunday morning 9:30 - 10:45am
  • Childcare with age-appropriate activities is provided free of charge
  • Class is taught by Kerry Williamson.  
    • He and his wife Rachel, have four children.
    • Kerry is the founder and director of Abundant Life Counseling Center
    • He is a licensed marriage and family counselor and certified sex therapist 
When all is said and done, all that "matters" are relationships, especially with God, family and friends. Things, experiences and accomplishments will only pass away and never bring lasting fulfillment nor leave a legacy of significance.  The marriage relationship was created by God and, thankfully, He provided a blueprint to help husbands and wives build a healthy home.

Class Sessions

Session #1    Getting on the Same Island
When you feel like you exist on separate islands, frustration, varying degrees of loneliness, and even hopelessness can set.  Come discover a tool to help you assess your marriage health and develop a plan to bring you back together.

Session #2    What Do We Really Need From Each Other?
Feelings of love are often felt as our spouse meets priority needs in our lives such as attention, comfort, approval, appreciation, respect, and more. Yet, often times, though intentions are good, spouses remain unaware of the needs most important to their marriage partner. You will be equipped in this class to your your spouse's priority needs and how to meet them.

Session #3    Why Do They Do the Things They Do?
All of us do things that irritate or even hurt our spouses. The surface issue is seldom the real issue to be addressed. Learn ways to discern root reasons why your spouse acts the way they do. Additionally, discover how God desires to partner with you in helping them to choose to change.

Session #4    Vitamin "E" Deficiency?
A daily vitamin that greatly enhances marriage is "empathy."  Husbands and wives are famous for prescribing solutions, slogans, criticisms and complaints of their own. Learn what empathy looks like and the powerful difference it makes.

Session #5    Making Up is Hard to Do
We are all imperfect and sometimes hurt our spouses in various ways. It is critical for spouses to learn how to effectively confess wrongdoings and resolve inevitable conflicts in ways that bring lasting healing and renewed hope.

Session #6    Freedom From Fear in Your Marriage
When fear consistently exists in a marriage, it sabotages connection.  Fear leads to controlling, withdrawing, dwelling on past pain, hopelessness for the future.  God can help you live in the present, navigate through your fears and reconnect as a couple.  

News of Hope - Our church has offered this class for 20+ years.  Know that dozens of couples have shared that their marriage was saved due to living out what is taught in this class.