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Life Groups


What is a Life Group?
A life group is a small gathering of adults who prioritize knowing one another so they can best accomplish the purposes of care and encouraging one another in spiritual growth.

How many people are in a group? 
We try to be flexible but we recommend no less than 3 and no more than 6 singles or couples in one group. Men's only, ladies' only and couples' groups are all offered. Please indicate this preference(s) on your registration form.​

How often do Life Groups meet?
Groups meet weekly, bi-weekly and monthly (it's a start!) Each group differs, but usually meets for one to two hours.

Where do Life Groups meet?
This is determined by the group leader and members. They could meet in homes, offices, coffee shops, restaurants and more.

When can I begin?
You can join a Life Group at any time.  Just sign up online or call the church office.

How do I sign up?
  • You may register online by clicking HERE
  • Download the Life Groups Registration form by clicking HERE and either
1) drop it off at the Connections table in our main foyer,
2) place them in the attendance folder of your Adult Bible Fellowship, or
3) scan and email it to

How are the groups organized?
Certainly, the gender preference, geographical location and life situation indicated on your form are chief factors.

Life Group leaders who are enlisted will initially reach out to those whom they know and those who identified the general location of their group. We will then partner with leaders to ensure everyone is enlisted in a group.

If you have additional questions, email Donnie Dixon, our Discipleship pastor at or call the church office at (512)331–7340.