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Adult Bible Fellowships

9:30 am on Sundays

Adult Bible Fellowships are groups of people organized by age and life situation. They study the Bible each week, pray and care for one another, serve together, and enjoy regular social activities. They usually study through books of the Bible but on occasion focus on a particular topic. We offer multiple couples classes as well as a class for young singles and college students, a men's only class and a ladies' only class. You are encouraged to visit as many as you desire but will benefit by joining an Adult Bible Fellowship in due time. A guide of the differing classes is provided in our main foyer. One of our host team members would be glad to suggest the best Adult Bible Fellowship options for you. This is a great opportunity to apply the Bible to your unique stage of life and develop new friendships. If you desire information prior to a visit, email

Class Descriptions and locations

20's /early 30's  Steven Testone B-208

Late 30's/40's with preschool & Keith Courtney B-210
elementary children

40's/early 50's James Rinn Green Room
with elementary and middle school

Late 40's/early 50's Matt Evans P-202
with middle/high school & college Brian Smith
​Matt Watson P-101

50's/60's David Melles A-203
with high school/college and young adult children

Late 50's/60's   Bill Jones A-202

Men only​ Ray Mosley/Brandon Clay P-203

Ladies Only Carolyn Dixon P-201